I have been thinking about it a lot and I have decided that DUFFDISCO007 is the last bootleg I am going to press to wax. It's been fun and I hope you all enjoyed them but I think it's the right time to stop.

you can order the last in the series (click here)

I do however want to continue re-imagining songs and giving my interpretation of them for you to play and listen to and so i'll be giving the reworks away for free. I have set up a donations page if anyone wanted to help with covering the costs of mastering future tracks as i'd still want the best sound possible as I can't afford to be paying for it all myself.

So keep an eye out for new tracks! donate whatever you feel appropriate, of course you can still download if you can't afford to donate.

All the tracks that are up for download are below as well as the donate link.

Not all my back catalogue is up yet but it will be in time so keep checking back ;) or follow me on soundcloud or facebook for updates.


Cheers DD

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